Lelemia = Hawaiian^(Scientist*Engineer)

Just giving a little Hawaiian Style


My people are the Kanaka Oiwi (Native Hawaiians), my roots.

I grew up on the sands of Waianae on the Pacific Island of Oahu.

My life passions deals with the realworld challenges in securing water availability and providing accessible water quality for the Earth, humanity (present and future).

Water is an essential element for life. My research works addresses adaptive water and wastewater techniques for Pacific Island Nations in the face of climate change. I’m practicing to become a rain farmer. In particular, I am re-learning the processing techniques to collect, treat, and reuse rainwater from contemporary and ancestral expertise.

Let’s talk water. Contact me.

Follow me on my new space: http://rainfarmer.weebly.com/teaching.html

FB: http://www.FaceBook.com/KumuLelemia
IG: http://www.instagram.com/Kumu_Lelmia
PIN: http://pinterest.com/lelemia808/

Last updated: (October, 2014)



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