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Ms/PhD assistantships in forest policy & administration at Texas A&M

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I have funding available for one or more masters and/or PhD students to work as research assistants with me on several projects related to forest policy and administrative decision-making. Current projects focus on (a) comparative research on the impacts of forest policy in developing countries at the national level, and (b) comparative research on the decision-making of foresters employed in government agencies & the private sector in India, the US, and Mexico. Students with significant experience in the forest sectors of these three countries, or in other developing countries, are particularly encouraged to apply. Students who I accept will have to formally apply to either the masters or PhD programs in Ecosystem Science and Management at Texas A&M University. Students who are accepted will receive funding through a a combination of research and teaching assistantships, which will be sufficient to cover tuition fees and a basic cost of living.
To apply for these positions, please consult the details of the application process at: http://forrestfleischman.weebly.com/potential-graduate-students.html. This website also contains much more detail about the research projects & the programs at Texas A&M. Applications are due January 1st. Please email me questions at forrestf@tamu.edu.

Forrest Fleischman
Assistant Professor

Department of Ecosystem Science & Management; Texas Agrilife Research

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