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Postdoctoral Associate in Forest Ecosystem Science

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Subject: Postdoctoral Associate in Forest Ecosystem Science

A position for a post-doctoral associate is available at Texas A&M
University in the Forest Ecosystem Science Lab (vogellab.tamu.edu). The
associate will be part of the =93*Pine Integrated Network: Education,
Mitigation, and Adaptation=94 project* or PINEMAP (www.pinemap.org), a
multi-institutional and interdisciplinary effort to understand the response
of managed southern pine forests to climate change and determine their
potential role in mitigating the accumulation of greenhouse gases. The
associate will have the opportunity to develop their own research
interests, interact with graduate and undergraduate students, and attend
national meetings to present research results. PINEMAP has over 50 primary
investigators who are working on topics ranging from tree genetics to
economics, giving the associate the opportunity to interact with a diverse
group of scientists.

The ideal candidate will have an interest in ecosystem and soil carbon
cycling and direct experience with field flux measurements of CO2 or trace
gases (N2O, CH4). Experience with laboratory analytical techniques such as
stable isotope or radiocarbon analyses or gas chromatography, is also
desired. The associate will lead field excursions during all seasons and is
expected to have excellent organizational and communication skills (both
oral and written). The planned start date is March 1, 2014 but there is
some flexibility around this date. The position is for two years, with the
second year contingent on satisfactory performance.  The salary range will
be $40,000 – $46,000 per year, with the amount dependent upon
qualifications. Please contact Dr. Jason G. Vogel (jason_vogel@tamu.edu) if
interested. Include a (1) cover letter describing your interest in this
position, relevant experience, and your preferred start date and (2) a CV.


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