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NCAR Advanced Study Program (Post-doctoral positions)

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A Program for Postdoctoral Support in the Atmospheric Sciences

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is a research institution located in Boulder, Colorado, operated by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) under sponsorship of the National Science Foundation (NSF). Through its Advanced Study Program (ASP), NCAR offers a continuing program of postdoctoral study in the atmospheric and related sciences.
The Advanced Study Program is now accepting applications for the postdoctoral fellowship program. Please read the instructions below for how to apply.

Application deadline (all materials including reference letters) is Thursday, January 9, 2014



The postdoctoral program provides an opportunity for Ph.D. scientists to pursue their research interests in atmospheric and related science. The program also invites postdoctoral physicists, chemists, applied mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, and specialists from related disciplines such as biology, geology, science education, economics, and geography, to apply their training to research in the atmospheric sciences.

The primary goal of the program is to develop the careers of Ph.D. graduates. The ASP also encourages independence and creativity while providing an environment in which fellows collaborate with and are mentored by experienced scientists at NCAR.

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Research Opportunities

The postdoctoral fellowships provide successful applicants with considerable freedom to pursue their own research interests. Most fellows develop research projects in collaboration with NCAR scientists, but all are expected to choose their own research directions and are responsible for the design and conduct of their own projects.

Research at NCAR includes studies of atmospheric dynamics (on all scales), climate science, cloud physics, atmospheric chemistry and radiation, turbulence, upper-atmosphere physics (including ionosphere studies and aeronomy), solar physics, oceanography, and societal impacts related to these scientific areas. There are related programs in atmospheric technology and in computational science and applied mathematics. The NCAR program also includes studies of the interaction of the atmosphere with the oceans, the cryosphere, the earth’s surface, and human society. Scientists that are interested in applying their knowledge of biology, ecology, geology, economics, and political science to atmospheric issues are encouraged to apply. An extensive discussion of NCAR science is featured in the NCAR Annual Scientific Report, which can be found at http://www.nar.ucar.edu/ and in the NCAR Strategic Plan at https://ncar.ucar.edu/documents/strategic-plan/2009. Additional information on the NCAR scientific program can be found here, https://ncar.ucar.edu/labs-observatory. Each fellow in ASP is encouraged to pursue research objectives which take maximum advantage of the opportunities available at NCAR. Fellows have direct access to the NCAR computers and the library, and can obtain appropriate access to other research facilities by mutual agreement with the appropriate project or facility. Special needs (e.g., for laboratory facilities) can often be met but should be arranged in advance through the appropriate project or facility at NCAR. A description of NCAR facilities can be accessed athttps://ncar.ucar.edu/community-resources.

Fellows are expected to participate in ASP activities including seminars, lecture series, and research reviews and in community service activities during their term. Fellows are also expected to be an active member of one of the three standing ASP committees listed here,http://www.asp.ucar.edu/pdfp/committees.php

Christine Wiedinmyer
Scientist III
Atmospheric Chemistry Division

    Web:   acd.ucar.edu/~christin
    Email:  christin@ucar.edu
    Office:  (303) 497-1414


Community Initiative for Emissions Research and Applications (CIERA):   http://ciera-air.org/


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