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Faculty Position: Geophysicist USGS; Geoscience U of Conn

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Date: January 2, 2014 12:12:51 PM EST
Subject: [GeoPRISMS] Job postings: Faculty Positions


1) Research Geophysicist in Experimental Rock Mechanics and Earthquake Source Physics – USGS

2) Geoscience Director – University of Connecticut






1) Research Geophysicist in Experimental Rock Mechanics and Earthquake Source Physics

Job description: Conduct fundamental research related to laboratory and theoretical studies in rock mechanics aimed at developing a full understanding of failure processes under a broad range of conditions expected at seismogenic depths, and to interpret how these failure processes relate to earthquake nucleation, pore fluid/rock interaction, slip, velocity, attenuation, and other geophysical parameters.

This research is aimed at the development, testing and advancement of fundamental concepts in fault behavior and earthquake occurrence. Specifically, the incumbent will conduct and analyze laboratory experiments, including but not limited to the mechanisms of dynamic rupture nucleation propagation and arrest. These data will be used to generate theoretical models for time-dependent fault strength and failure, mechanical instability, earthquake source properties, energy partitioning and the recovery of fault strength between earthquakes. Seismological and geophysical data will be analyzed to develop constraints on fault zone mechanical properties and for consistency with the lab observations and theoretical predictions. The duties to be performed include:

Plans, conducts and analyzes laboratory experiments on faulting, rock friction, rock physics, and rock deformation. These experiments will be performed, when possible, at temperatures, applied stresses and water pressures consistent with crustal conditions. The experiments are generally technically very difficult and often require development of new and innovative experimental apparatus.  Unique problems in computer control and data acquisition are encountered which require new adaptations of techniques. Tasks associated with conducting and analyzing these experiments may include: a) obtaining and preparing samples, b) developing and installing high speed instrumentation such as ultrasonic wave sensors and c) recording and analyzing the data from experiments.

Applies laboratory results of acoustic waveforms and related data recorded during deformation experiments to determine the evolution of dynamic rupture nucleation as well as dynamic rupture mechanics properties such as stress drop, rupture propagation and particle velocity, fault slip, heat production and dynamic friction. In addition, incumbent will extend or modify existing rupture dynamics models and develop new models of deformation that can be used in fault models.

Plans and conducts laboratory experiments and theoretical studies based on laboratory observations related to triggered seismicity and earthquake source processes such as fracture energy and earthquake stress drop. Tasks may include a) developing empirical or theoretical models of nucleation and failure and b) understanding constraints on fault strength during dynamic slip.

Details: Research Geophysicist GS-13

Permanent – Full-Time

U.S. Geological Survey, Earthquake Science Center


Duty Station: Menlo Park, California

Applicant must be US citizen

Application deadline: January 8, 2014

To apply, visit the web site:


Questions? contact

Lisa James

Human Resources Specialist

U.S. Geological Survey

Pacific Human Resources Office

Modoc Hall, Suite 2001

3020 State University Dr., East

Sacramento, CA  95819

TEL:  (916) 278-9405

FAX:  (916) 278-9406



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