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ob Vacancy – Physical Oceanographer at LOCEAN (Paris)

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Dear all,
I would be very grateful if you could advertise this position within your institute or to any potential interested candidate.
Thank you,
Best regards,
JB Sallée


The CNRS is inviting applications for a 2-year postdoctoral research position to undertake high-resolution model analysis to investigate dynamical processes in the Southern Ocean.

The post is attached to the Exciting project, which aims at mapping and unveiling the dynamics of the tri-dimensional structure of the meridional overturning circulation in the Southern Ocean. The successful applicant will investigate the dynamics associated to cross-frontal exchange and mixing in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current using a state-of-the art high-resolution ocean model (NEMO framework). Cross-frontal exchange and dynamics in the model will be investigated using Lagrangian particles diagnosis. The study will build on observation-based analysis demonstrating that cross-front transport in the ACC is highly asymmetric. Cross-front exchanges at ocean surface is localized in the lee of bathymetric features with more than 75% of crossing events occurring in regions corresponding to only 20% of the ACC’s zonal extent. The goal of this study will be to investigate the vertical structure of this exchange and its time-variability. In addition, strong emphasis will be given to the jet/topography interactions and the dynamics associated to it (e.g. vertical propagation of momentum flux, form drag, stratification, vertical velocities). Strong connexions between this model-based analysis and observation-based analysis will be made. We particularly seek a researcher with an interest in and talent in ocean model analysis and ability in running numerical simulations to develop deeper dynamical understanding of ocean circulation and climate. The researcher will join a team of scientists at LOCEAN-IPSL in Paris and will strongly collaborate with project partners at the National Oceanography Centre (Jan Zika in Southampton, UK) and LPO (Bruno Blanke in Brest, France).

More information can be found here (http://www.oceanographypage.com/#!about2/cpt1).

Informal requests for further information may be addressed to Jean-Baptiste Sallée (jbsallee@gmail.com).

JB Sallee
Research Scientist (CNRS, LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris)

BAS Fellow (British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK)
Research Fellow (University of Cambridge, UK)


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