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Kīkou Koʻolau ʻāina-based after school programming

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Kīkou Koʻolau ʻāina-based after school programming

Kikou Koolau Flyer Final

Kīkoʻu Koʻolau
Papa Mele (mele Koʻolau, Oʻahu) with Hoʻopono Wong
Papa Mahaiʻai Kalo with Mahi ʻai Ana Kon.
Koʻolau Keiki grades 3-8 (or any keiki who is interested and has the maturity to engage in learning for the period of time offered).
April 7th through May 15.
Twice a week
2.5 hours after school (see flyer for details)
Weʻre committed to implementing programming (especially that serves the Koʻolau community!) that strengthens the connection between kānaka, ʻāina and ʻākua….all three will be very present!
Follow the link in the flyer to the registration form.
Mahalo nui for your kōkua e nā wahine.
Aloha nui,

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