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HBEP Educational Lecture Series – SUNDAY July 27, 2014v

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Aloha HBEP Educational Lecture Series Patrons,



On Sunday afternoon, the UH Sea Grant Hanauma Bay Education Program resumes its public outreach series at the City and County of Honoluluʻs Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.




“Friendly or dangerous waters? Assessment of human interactions during swim-with spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) tourism in Hawaii” by Carlie Wiener, Ph.D Candidate, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University.


A growth in marine tourism focusing on Hawaiian spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris) has occurred over the past thirty years, including a proliferation of swim-with activities. Concern about the sustainability of the Hawaiian spinner dolphin has led to investigation of the population’s health and the potential impacts from human interactions. Research on human behavior and attitudes in spinner dolphin tourism has been sparse; however, management strategies may benefit from understanding expectations and experiences of tour participants. Baseline research exploring the types and frequency of in-water human interactions with Hawaiian spinner dolphins was completed at 14 known spinner dolphin resting-sites along the coasts of Kona and Waianae. Underwater interactions between snorkelers and dolphins were assessed using video footage collected from randomly selected and willing dolphin-swim participants. Swimmer behavior captured on video was also linked to a survey exploring participants understanding of impacts to dolphins, conservation values, and perceptions towards management. Based on the data, we present a first look at the controversial role of snorkeler behavior during dolphin swim tourism. If you would like to learn more, come on down next week.


The presentation will be in the education alcove in the Hanauma Bay Education Center at 3:00 p.m. (public parking is $1.00/vehicle). Admittance to the lecture presentation will begin at 2:45 p.m. outside the entrance to the Education Center by the benches.  Those who are attending the lecture presentation ONLY and are admitted at this time by the Education staff will bypass the admission window.  Please do not arrive earlier than 2:45 p.m.  Patrons attending ONLY the Educational Lecture will be given a special red “Hawaii Sea Grant” hand stamp that will allow access into the education alcove for the lecture but no access to the beach itself.  Lecture will begin promptly at 3 p.m.


*Please NOTE: Anyone who wishes to go to the beach BEFORE the lecture, will be processed through the regular admission line and shall pay the admission fee of $7.50 (if you are not a Hawaii resident).


We hope to see you all there! These education programs are supported and funded by the City and County of Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation.


For more information on UH Sea Grant Hanauma Bay Education Program events and activities, navigate to the “Calendar of Events” located at www.hanaumabayeducation.org.


Mahalo for your kind consideration and interest in the Hanauma Bay Education Program.




UH Sea Grant Hanauma Bay Education Program


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