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Take The $14 Challenge!

Please support wonderful work being done to question: “Why the mountain?” Is development of telescopes appropraite in a place that is sacred and unwanted by the host people.

Sacred Mauna Kea

What’s Your Sacred Place?

Is it a summit like Mauna Kea? A silent forest trail? The view of a valley or of the horizon as you sit on a board waiting for a wave? Is it the serenity of a mountain lake at sunrise? Or the desert during a summer storm? Or a river where salmon still run?

Your donation (whether it’s a dollar, $5 or more) will help us make a film for Mauna Kea that takes a stand for the protection of all sacred places.

Take the $14 Challenge

Make a $14 donation, a dollar for every thousand feet of Mauna Kea, and challenge your friends and family to match it. Then send a photo, or a 14-second video, showing us your sacred place and we’ll share it on our Why The Mountain blog and Facebook page. Email photos or clips to us at: whythemountain@gmail.com

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