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I support Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Check out my latest post on “I support Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation” at http://rainfarmer.weebly.com/wanderlust/i-support-goal-6-clean-water-and-sanitation



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Take The $14 Challenge!

Please support wonderful work being done to question: “Why the mountain?” Is development of telescopes appropraite in a place that is sacred and unwanted by the host people.

Sacred Mauna Kea

What’s Your Sacred Place?

Is it a summit like Mauna Kea? A silent forest trail? The view of a valley or of the horizon as you sit on a board waiting for a wave? Is it the serenity of a mountain lake at sunrise? Or the desert during a summer storm? Or a river where salmon still run?

Your donation (whether it’s a dollar, $5 or more) will help us make a film for Mauna Kea that takes a stand for the protection of all sacred places.

Take the $14 Challenge

Make a $14 donation, a dollar for every thousand feet of Mauna Kea, and challenge your friends and family to match it. Then send a photo, or a 14-second video, showing us your sacred place and we’ll share it on our Why The Mountain blog and Facebook page. Email photos or clips to us at: whythemountain@gmail.com

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Hānau ʻia ka Mauna a Wākea

As a Native Hawaiian Scientist and Engineer, I constantly ask myself: is this technology appropriate to this place? In Hawaiian traditions and customs, stories were passed down from one generation to the next through talk-story, mele (songs and chants) and hula (dance). From these traditions, we know that our Hawaiian islands were born, just like how humans are born. In our family traditions, Mauna a Wākea is the firstborn child of Wākea, sky-father. The Mauna (mountain) is our ancestor (1).

Yesterday, Tuesday, October 7, 2014, Native Hawaiians and supporters gathered in peaceful demonstration against the Astronomy industry and the State of Hawaii’s groundbreaking ceremony for a Thirty-Meter Telescope to be built on the summit of Mauna Kea

Sacred sunrise ceremonies were held though out the Hawaiian Islands, and the world, as reverent pule (prayers), mele (songs and chants), and hula were offered in support of “AOLE TMT”: no further telescope development on the summit of Mauna a Wakea.

According to reported news and personal accounts on the summit, the groundbreaking was respectfully halted. Watch raw footage of the peaceful demonstration: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ4Gt35hs-s>. Simultaneously, there were peaceful demonstrations in Honolulu State Capitol Building, Palo Alto, California, Oregon, and elsewhere raising awareness about the Thirty-Meter Telescope Project (2-9).

Again, I ask myself is the Thirty-Meter Telescope project appropriate to Mauna a Wākea? The Astronomy community argues that the new telescope will further advance the study of “our own solar system and stars throughout our Milky Way and it neighboring galaxies, and forming galaxies at the very edge of the observable Universe, near the beginning of time (10).” Is the Thirty-Meter Telescope an infringement of the sacred space of Mauna Kea in the name of ‘science’? Are scientists repeating colonization of traditional ecological knowledge systems through science? The successful halt of the groundbreaking is a clear sign that Native peoples and supporters are idle no more.


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QuestBridge, The National College Match: Full Four-Year Scholarships with No Loan

Full Four-Year Scholarships with No Loans

The QuestBridge National College Match connects high-achieving low-income students with admission and full four-year scholarships to our partner colleges. College Match scholarships, which are provided by participating colleges, cover the full cost of tuition, room and board, are loan-free, and require no parental contribution.

Deadline: Friday, September 26, 2014

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WEF Webcast of the Month: Using TOC to Replace BOD Requirements

Water Environment Federation Webcast of the Month:

The Clean Water Act (at 40CFR 133.104(b)) allows dischargers who have established a long-term relationship for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) to substitute U.S. EPA approved methods for BOD with those for TOC in sampling and analyzing for compliance with their permits. Several institutions have attempted to achieve this crossover to TOC because of the gains in precision, economy, efficiency and accuracy associated with TOC. This webcast will present three successful models that have been achieved.

URL: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOEG5wX5_zo&feature=youtu.be&gt;