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Rainwater Harvesting

Coconut Island Graphic
The vision of Moku o Loe (in Hawaiian) or Coconut Island, a 28-acre island off the coast of Kaneohe Bay Oahu, is to become a water, waste, and energy independent island. Hence, the major goal of our study is to complete a portion of this work by designing and developing a public water system that will supply the entire Moku o Loe from the present-day and long-term. It is our aim to practice sustainable engineering by using available resources as well as to create a meaningful and sensitive development that is harmonious to the environment.

Useful Rainfall Databases for the Archipelago of Hawaii:
United States Geological Services: “Science for a changing world”
Hawaii Data: U.S. Geological Services
STORET(the mother of all water databases)
NOAA Hawaii/Pacific Data-sets
Western Regional Climate Center: “Providing Climate Services since 1986”
Rainfall Atlas of Hawaii: Geography Department of the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Water Resources for Hawaii
Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management
Department of Health Safe Drinking Water Branch
Department of Health Clean Water Branch
Department of Health Wastewater Branch


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